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Auto Support is a part of??Citrix Insight Services (formerly known as TaaS), a Citrix initiative to simplify information gathering from customer environments, and also to provide automatic analysis of that data for common problems and known issues.

Auto Support is a free service available to all users and does not require a support contract. However, if you do have a support contract, Auto Support can be used to gather the data your Technical Support engineer requires to begin working on your issue. Using Auto Support as part of a Service Request not only greatly speeds up the data collection process, but also helps ensure all the information provided is accurate and up-to-date, thus ensuring??a faster resolution of your case.

The only requirement for using Auto Support is to have MyCitrix ID. All contacts on a support contract already have??MyCitrix IDs. If you cannot remember your username or password, you can retrieve your credentials here.


Auto Support is currently available for NetScaler, XenApp, XenDesktop, and XenServer.??

How to gather Auto Support Data

  • NetScaler: Use the ShowTechSupport script. See CTX127900 - How to Use Show Techsupport Collection Script for NetScaler for details.

    Note:??Citrix Insight Services only analyzes the actual crash files (vmcore.xx.gz) and nCore packet engine crash files (NSPPE.*.gz). You can upload the nsminicore.*.gz and kernel.* files to the Citrix Insight Services but these files cannot be analyzed by the Crash Analysis Tool. These files might be required by any of the Technical Support Engineers if further investigation is required to arrive at a resolution.

  • XenApp and XenDesktop: Use Citrix Scout. See CTX130147 - Citrix Scout.

If other logs or traces are required to troubleshoot your service request, your Citrix Technical Support engineer will advise you of the specific steps necessary to collect those logs or traces.

Uploading Data to Citrix Insight Services

Note: Install Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.6 or later on the computer. It is not recommended to use HTTP to upload files, because the files are usually large and can cause the Web browser to become unresponsive. The Java applet shows upload progress and provides the ability to pause, resume, and stop uploads, and its MD5 checksum data validation ensures the integrity of the upload. You can verify the version of Java JRE here.

  1. Open the Citrix Insight Services??web site in a web browser.

  2. Log on using your MyCitrix user name and password.

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  3. Click Diagnostics Tab.
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  4. Click Get Started to go to your personal workspace.

    Note: In case of first time access to the Citrix Insight Services, select??Opt-In option after reading the Data Collection and Privacy statement to proceed.

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  5. Accept any prompts to run Java controls. Click Upload Data.

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  6. Enter your case number, an optional description in the dialogue box, then click Upload File.

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  7. Select the file to upload, click Open.

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  8. Click Upload File.

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Alternate Methods of Uploading Data to Auto Support (TaaS)

  • XenApp and XenDesktop: Upload the data directly from the Scout collection tool. (See CTX130147 - Citrix Scout for more information on Scout.) You are prompted with the upload dialogue automatically once the data capture is complete:

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Completing the Process

You receive an email notification indicating the file is successfully uploaded. If you have provided a service request number, the Citrix Technical Support Engineer assigned to the case also receives the notification of the upload.

Additional Resources

Q: What if I forget my Case Number?

A: If you have forgotten your case number, check any email correspondence you have received from your Tech Support agent. If you cannot locate the number, contact your agent to ask for confirmation.

Q: What if I forget to enter the Case Number when uploading?

A: Your upload will still be present on Citrix system; however your support agent would not be notified that you made an upload. To rectify this, simply email the support agent, and let them know the MyCitrix ID you used when making the upload, and they can add the case number for you manually.

How Auto Support Works

How to Open a Support Request

Note: You do not need a Support Request to use Auto Support.

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