Receiver for Macintosh
This article describes how to manually and safely remove files that might remain on a System after uninstalling the Receiver for Mac.


To uninstall the Citrix Receiver for Mac, open the CitrixReceiver.dmg file and select Uninstall Citrix Receiver. Follow the on-screen instructions to uninstall the Receiver. Refer to Citrix Documentation - Install, set up, and upgrade Receiver for Mac?? for more information on how to?? perform this action.

In some cases, after having uninstalled the Receiver, certain files might be left behind the system. This has mostly been reported after having run earlier versions of the CitrixReceiver.dmg uninstaller (Example: Earlier versions of 11.x).

This article describes how to manually remove the files in order to avoid any unexpected behavior if and when the Receiver is re-installed. This article can also be used as reference to clean a system after having an older or legacy version of the Receiver uninstalled, and prior to installing the latest Citrix Receiver for Mac.


After uninstalling the Receiver and rebooting the system, ensure that the files or folders listed in this section have been removed from your system. If they still exist, remove them manually.

  1. /Applications-
    Citrix Receiver.app

  2. /Library
    - /Internet plug-ins/CitrixICAClientPlugIn.plugin
    - /LaunchAgents/com.citrix.AuthManager_Mac.plist
    - /LaunchAgents/com.citrix.ServiceRecords.plist

  3. /Users/Shared
    - /Citrix/Receiver Integration (entire folder)

  4. ~/Library
    - /Internet plug-ins/CitrixICAClientPlugIn.plugin
    - /Application Support/Citrix Receiver
    ?? ?? ?? ?? - CitrixID
    ?? ?? ?? ?? - Config
    ?? ?? ?? ?? - Module
    - /Preferences/com.citrix.receiver.nomas.plist
    - /Preferences/com.citrix.receiver.nomas.plist.lockfile
    - /Preferences/com.citrix.ReceiverFTU.AccountRecords.plist (added in 11.6)
    - /Preferences/com.citrix.ReceiverFTU.AccountRecords.plist.lockfile (added in 11.6)

  5. ~/Applications
    - Under this folder, you can delete any applications you previously added via the Receiver UI.

  6. /private/var/db/receipts
    - com.citrix.ICAClient.bom
    - com.citrix.ICAClient.plist

Important Notes

  • A tilde (~) placed at the beginning of a folder path refers to that folder’s location within the user profile. For example, ~/Library/Preferences/ refers to the Preferences folder within the user's Library folder (e.g. /Users/<username>/Library/Preferences/). A path without a tilde refers to the system-wide version of that folder at the root of the system (e.g. /Library/Preferences/).

  • Note that certain folder mentioned in the list can be hidden directories on the system.

  • It is important to remember that certain items mentioned in this article might not exist on your system depending on the Receiver version(s) you previously installed.

Follow Me Data Notes

In version 11.6, the Follow Me Data feature is integrated into the Citrix Receiver for Mac. The files and folders that are compatible with?? this feature are listed.
You can remove the files that were not properly cleaned up by the uninstaller.?? You can also?? keep?? the user data that was previously synchronized on your system by Follow Me Data.

  1. The following locations should be cleaned up after running the uninstaller utility:
    - ~/Applications/Citrix/FollowMeData (this is a hidden folder that contains the application binary)
    - ~/Library/Application Support/ShareFile (contains user specific configurations)
    - /Library/PreferencePanes/FMDSysPrefPane.prefPane

  2. Installation information files that are okay to remove after uninstall:
    - /private/var/db/receipts/com.citrix.ShareFile.installer.plist
    - /private/var/db/receipts/com.citrix.ShareFile.installer.bom

  3. File not cleaned up during uninstall that you may or may not want to delete depending on your needs:
    - ~/ShareFile (contains the user data synchronized by Follow Me Data)
    - /private/var/db/receipts
    - com.citrix.ShareFile.installer.plist
    - com.citrix.ShareFile.installer.bom

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