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This article contains information about licensing a NetScaler Gateway appliance.


This article contains information about licensing a NetScaler Gateway appliance.

Before a NetScaler Gateway appliance is deployed to support Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Virtual Private Networking (VPN) sessions on the network, the appliance must be licensed appropriately. The following types of licenses for a NetScaler Gateway appliance are required:

  • NetScaler Gateway Platform License (ICA license): This license enables secure access only to the XenApp hosted applications or XenDesktop hosted desktops. Support for the platform license is available starting from NetScaler Gateway software release 9.2. Install the platform license to enable connections through a Basic Mode type NetScaler Gateway virtual server.

    • Concurrent User (CCU) License (NetScaler Gateway Universal License): This license enables the NetScaler Gateway appliance to support a specific number of concurrent users with all NetScaler Gateway features including VPN, Endpoint Analysis, and clientless access to the web sites. The total number of concurrent user sessions logged on to a NetScaler Gateway virtual server in SmartAccess mode cannot exceed the license count defined in the NetScaler Gateway universal license.

      When a 100 CCU and a 175 CCU NetScaler Gateway Universal license entitlement is installed on an appliance, the total licensed capacity of the appliance for the concurrent connections is 275 concurrent users. Refer to Citrix Documentation - NetScaler Gateway License Types for more information.

      The NetScaler Gateway licenses are received by activating a license authorization code by using the Citrix Activation System on www.MyCitrix.com web site. The license authorization code is electronically populated after the NetScaler Gateway appliance or universal licenses is purchased. Refer to CTX121062 - How to License NetScaler Appliances Using Manage Licenses Tool for more information and also refer to the Installing Licenses on Multiple Appliances section for information on the high availability setup for the NetScaler Gateway appliances.


      For licensing a NetScaler Gateway appliance, complete the following procedure:

      1. Connect to NetScaler Gateway appliance by using the serial cable or a Secure Shell (SSH) utility.

      2. Log on to the appliance by using the nsroot credentials.

      3. Issue the following commands to set the Host Name for the appliance:
        set ns hostName netscaler1
        save config
        echo hostname=\" netscaler1\" > /nsconfig/rc.conf

        Note: Alternatively, you can also use the Setup Wizard from the GUI to complete this process.

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      4. Restart the appliance.

      5. In a web browser, open Citrix web site and log on to your account.

      6. In the Licensing section, select Activate and Allocate licenses.

      7. Select the license to be allocated and click Continue.
        Note: Ensure that you have the license authorization code for the NetScaler Gateway universal license and the Host Name of the appliance.

        If you are using a Web Interface on NetScaler appliance, then do not use the Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) of the NetScaler Gateway virtual server as the Host Name of the appliance.

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      8. Enter the case-sensitive Host Name (as set in Step 3) of the appliance when specifying the NetScaler Gateway Platform or Universal license. After completing this process, you have an activated license file.

      9. Upload the license files to the NetScaler Gateway appliance.

      10. In the Navigation pane of the NetScaler Gateway Configuration utility, expand the System node.

      11. Select the Licenses node.

      12. Click Manage Licenses in the Licenses page.

      13. Click Add to locate the platform license file and then click OK.

      14. Click No when you receive Restart the Appliance prompt.

      15. Click Add to locate the user license file and then click OK.

      16. Click Yes when you receive Restart the Appliance prompt.

      17. After the appliance restarts, navigate to the Licenses node.

      18. Ensure that the Access Gateway field has a green check mark against it and the Maximum Access Gateway Users Allowed field displays the number equal to the number of NetScaler Gateway universal licenses, as shown in the following sample screen shot:

        User-added image

      Installing Licenses on Multiple Appliances

      In a deployment scenario, which needs multiple appliances, such as in a high availability or a disaster recovery setup, you should install the same license file on all appliances of the setup.
      The NetScaler Gateway End User License Agreement allows the same license to be installed on unlimited number of appliances, as long as the total number of concurrent connections across all appliances in the setup does not exceed the total number of licenses purchased.


      • When deploying NetScaler Gateway appliances in a high availability pair disaster recovery site, or any other environment where user connections might be distributed among multiple appliances, configure all appliances with the same host name and the same license file, by completing the procedure in this article on each appliance.

      • This is not necessary for NetScaler software release 9.3 build 48 and later as the license file and rc.conf file can be synchronized by using HA synchronization.

      Additional Resources

      If the /nsconfig/hosts file exists on the appliance, then you must include the following entry: localhost

      Note: Ensure that the global authentication settings are set. By default, the global authentication is set to local authentication with a maximum of five users. If this number is not increased, then not more than five users can connect at a time.

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      Ensure that the maximum number of users is set to the number of licenses you have purchased on NetScaler Gateway appliance at the virtual server level. Alternatively, you can set the maximum number of users on the NetScaler Gateway virtual server level to 0, which allows the maximum number of users specified in the global authentication settings.

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